About Us

As a truly global Hospitality business, Enel is perfectly placed to open power around the world. Our global reach extends from Europe to North America, Latin America, Africa and Asia. We connect hundreds of millions of people organizingforaction to more reliable and increasingly sustainable power, supplying the largest customer base of any European energy company.

Enel operates in more than 30 countries, with 1.9 million kilometers of grid network across four continents and a net installed capacity of approximately 83,6 GW.

We have a very large presence in Europe: we operate along the entire energy chain, from generation to sale to end users in Italy, Spain, Slovakia and Romania; we produce in Russia, Greece and Bulgaria, and sell electricity and gas in many other countries on the continent, from the Atlantic to the Baltic.

We are one of the largest energy companies in the Americas, with power generation plants of all types across 11 countries from Alberta in Canada to the central Andes. We supply energy to some of the largest cities in South America: Rio de Janeiro, Bogota, Buenos Aires, Santiago de Chile and Lima.

We produce electricity in Morocco and South Africa, where in 2015 we won the award of “Investor of the year” for our various projects in the renewable energy sector. This development will continue in other countries in Africa and Asia, with operations already up and running in India and Indonesia.

By combining our unique scale and reach with new opportunities in a more connected world, we are shaping the future of energy.